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Prevent Your Custom Cabinets From Aging

Learn more about how to care for your personalized cabinets

You may think your cabinets don't need a lot of attention. However, there are small things you can do to keep them in good condition. DeForge Design installs and maintains custom cabinets for commercial and residential properties. After we install them, we recommend dusting them frequently and using warm water to remove any spills.

Every time you wipe down your cabinets, wipe with the grain to avoid damaging the wood. Learn more about how to maintain your custom cabinets by contacting us today.

What to avoid putting on your cabinets

Just like it's easy to clean your cabinets, it's easy to damage them, too. You should avoid:

  • Harsh cleaners because they can break down the protective coating
  • Rubbing or scrubbing with abrasive pads
  • Leaving wet or damp items in contact with any wooden surface
  • Excessive heat because it could break down the stain or finish

By properly maintaining your custom cabinets, you can avoid damage and costly repairs. Learn more about custom cabinet care by calling (970) 593-8888 now.